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Indy Studio Share provides modern, professional meeting and shooting space to local creative professionals at a reasonable price. For a set monthly fee, members can book studio time as-needed at one of our fully-outfitted studios.  These are not traditional camera rooms - gorgeous natural light is readily available and we stock only the most stylish props and set pieces. Use the equipment provided or feel free to bring your own.  You simply use the studio how you wish, then clean and re-stage when you are finished so it is ready for the next member.  

We currently own and operate four studios in the Indianapolis area, with more planned as we continue to expand. 

The Main Studio is a generous 18x40, it typically contains up to 20 seamless paper rolls in various colors and sizes.  Three strobe lights with various modifiers are included, as well as both wireless, wired, and slave trigger systems.  The Main Studio features an extra-long dark gray shooting wall for multi-family sessions that need to stretch out beyond a typical nine-foot paper roll, as well as a large white shooting wall.  We have very large movable "wood" photography floors, a dressing area, a full-size reflector, a stocked refrigerator, a makeup counter with two stations, and a beautiful conference table.  The Main Studio contains a variety of furnishings, including numerous chairs, benches, and sofas.  It also contains a newborn posing bag.  There are three full-size paper rolls on a chain system as well as a backdrop stand for the other backdrops.  The Main Studio is located in the Stutz at 1060 North Capitol a few blocks north of downtown Indianapolis, and just one block from the canal.  It is the ideal location for indoor/outdoor urban sessions. Ample natural light is available.

The Newborn Suite is a cozy space that is outfitted for newborns, toddlers, and small families.  It includes a rocking chair, changing table, and various newborn props such as vintage crates, cradles, and baskets.  There is plenty of natural light, but for dark days or evening sessions, a studio light and triggering system is provided.  A newborn posing bag, medium gray shooting wall, and movable "wood" photography floors are also included, as are backdrop stands and a variety of backgrounds.  It is located in the Stutz in downtown Indianapolis and is just down the hall from the Main Studio.

Studio North is located just west of Westfield, just a few minutes from Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, and Noblesville.  It is a large space, perfect for most studio work.  There is natural light on three sides, although strobes and triggers are also provided.  Props include a  bed on casters, a 12-foot wide stage and shooting wall, a white brick wall prop for headshots, numerous chairs and sofas and seamless papers, and everything you need for a successful newborn session (including a large solid wood floor and backdrop system that can roll anywhere in the studio).