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With multiple locations and more on the way, we have the ability to custom-design plans to give each photographer exactly the amount of time and space that he or she needs. Our minimum monthly commitment is $100 for emerging professionals, and can range up to $400/month for our busiest established photographers. An annual commitment and security deposit is required.  Please note that we do have a maximum number of members, and sometimes utilize a wait list.

Members reserve the studios by the block, and not the hour - this gives our members plenty of time to set up and clean up without feeling rushed. Studio blocks in the Main Studio and the Newborn Suite average six hours each, studio blocks in  Studio North are a bit shorter at an average of four hours each.

Premier members (those with six or more studio blocks per month) receive additional membership benefits, such as priority booking on weekends.



Main Studio, six blocks- $230

Studio North, six blocks - $230

Studio North or Main Studio, three blocks plus Newborn Suite, three blocks- $185

Two blocks each in Studio North, Main Studio, and the Newborn Suite - $180

Newborn Suite, six blocks- $140

*** please note that we can customize a premier plan that suits you, these are simply our most popular plans



Main Studio, three blocks- $150

Studio North, three blocks - $150

Newborn Suite, four blocks- $130

Starter Plan: one studio block per month in each studio- $130

Beginner: one studio block per month in a single designated studio - $100

*** please note that we can customize a standard plan that suits you, these are simply our most popular plans


2017 COMMERCIAL SHOOT SINGLE DAY USE:  During off-peak seasons and depending on availability, we can sometimes rent the studios to commercial businesses on a single-use basis.  The rate is $400 per day.  Please note that this option is not available to individual photographers or videographers.